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From Edmund Loh and Khai Ng

Dear Friend,

How would you like to start your day with your Inbox looking like this?

These screen shots are taken from some of our email accounts, and yes we get these sales notifications flooding in every day... for the past several years and on-going!

We are aware that screen shots like that can be easily faked or doctored but we challenge you to google our names "edmund loh" "khai ng" and you will see that we have been around for quite some time. And solid enough to generate this kind of income...

While these snap shots are a 'teaser' as to what we make, we have generated millions of dollars in sales purely from the Internet.

It took us some time to reach that level, though. I started in 2005 and Khai more than one year later. However...


You Don't Have To Spend So Many Years Online Before 'Making It'.

Contrary to what you have been told or led to believe, making money online is NOT hard.

Not necessarily so... when you first aim to provide genuine value to others. This is why we don't play 'money games', lick stamps, hitch hike on short-lived trends, or chase the next hot 'business opportunity' of the year.

Look, if you want to print your own wealth... generate multiple streams of income that you have control over... and make big bucks...

We're talking about high 5 figures a month and upward...

Then you need to start having your own products.

Take a look at all the top marketers and successful experts you know. They have one thing in common: they have their own products!

Even for us, we didn't start making an explosive income for ourselves until we truly started our own line of products. We went from earning a few hundred dollars from every affiliate program we joined to cashing in big paydays that pay tens of thousands of dollars...

... High Five Figure And Even Six Figure Months Were Not Uncommon!

Here Are 7 More Good Reasons Why You Should Have Your Own Product...

  1. You keep 100% of the sales! Unlike affiliate marketing whereby you earn only a percentage of the sales, you keep all the sales you generate minus the transaction fees, which are usually very small they are negligible!

  2. It's instant! You don't have to wait 30 days for your affiliate check to arrive and when you get paid on the spot, why worry about cash flow?

  3. You can make changes anyhow you want. You're in charge of your own product so you have virtually UNLIMITED flexibility!

  4. Build your own brand! If you're ready to work hard and commit your efforts to the fullest, why spend your entire energy pushing other people's product when you can very well invest in your own business?

  5. Get perceived as an expert or an authority figure!

  6. You are in charge of your own product policies. And also...

  7. You are in full control of your sales funnels! Keep your customers and earn all the profits you make - over and over and over again!

In the rare occasion you are not familiar with what we really do, we are in the business of selling information. The 'products' we talk about often here refer to digital products - anything that's downloadable.

E-Books, videos, audio, software, membership sites, scripts, templates, instant and pre-made websites... well, you get the idea!


But That's Also Where The Problem Is.

It is called Product Creation.

And this HUGE barrier of entry is what's denying a lot of people their share of the infinitely large online wealth!

Assuming you have all the skills you need to develop your own product, this is roughly how long it would take for you to create one product:

That's just ONE product.

If you want to graduate to making at least $15,000 and above every single month, it is going to take you more than one product to get there.

Your competitors are leveraging on in-house teams and outsourced help... but do you have the deep pockets to start your own work force? Most of the time, it's too risky for a beginning entrepreneur on a shoe-string budget.

... And you haven't even started marketing yet!


So We Started This Exclusive Club... And You Are Invited!

We had a humble start in creating our own products and with the profits we made, we rolled them into outsourcing and eventually started our own Internet company with full-time and part-time employees, all working from home.

While we are proud of our accomplishments and the growth of our business today, this didn't happen overnight for either of us.

And we acknowledge that not everyone starts out with a high capital and rich appetite for risks.

So we have something in store for you and we know you will love this...

How would you like us to solve ALL of these product problems for you? So you can focus on marketing and keep all the sales yourself (No Profit Sharing Involved!)

We are going to hand to you an instant collection of turnkey businesses - complete with your own product 100% ready to go, sales letter and graphics already done for you, and flexible editing rights to go with... for you to take control and profit!

That's right. We are giving you flexible rights to these high potential bestseller so you can expand your multiple streams of income MINUS the heavy price tag.

This means you don't have to meddle with the following any more...

You are in charge. You are in control. You are at liberty to edit the products and rebrand them to your advantage. And no, we are not about to bill you $4,997 for 'Internet Business customization' (although we have done this for clients in the past).

By marketers for marketers, we present to you the ultimate shortcut you've been looking for...

Wealth Print (tm) Monthly

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Here's A Further Breakdown What You Get Every Month From Wealth Print™:

12 x High Quality, HOT Demand Products With Private Label Rights Each Month!

Every month, you will get 12 instant information products aimed at the following evergreen, hot topics:

  • Internet Marketing (Make Money Online)
  • Network Marketing / Home Business
  • Personal Development
  • Dating & Relationship
  • Spiritual
  • Finance & Wealth Creation

Essentially, you will get 2 turnkey businesses of each categories here. We have identified these as some of the hottest information markets on the Internet. The demand is SO BIG it's hard not to make money from them!

Each information product comes in PDF and Word format. The Word document is the original source file that you can edit and rebrand as your own!

Professionally Written Sales Letter And Thank You Page!

You don't have to break your bank account for this... because we are including a sales letter and thank you page with each of the products!

You no longer have to crack your head for days or even weeks as you painfully forge your own sales piece!

We are giving this to you so you can put your name and order link, slap it up on your website and start selling quickly! Feel free to edit the sales letter too - you can add your own bonuses and also customize your Thank You page feel anyhow you want!

(For the record, a decent copywriter charges at least $1,000 and above per sales piece so in a real essence this thousand dollar work is handed to you on a silver platter!)

Killer Graphics Package + PSD Files


We pay top dollar to get some of the best graphic designers in the Internet Marketing arena to create first grade covers and mini site graphics to go with each of the products!

First impression is truly everything. You have a window of virtually less than 5 seconds to make or break the first impression when your visitor arrives at your website. If you want to rake in HUGE cash you should dress your website for success!

With each product, you get the editable rights to the 2D and 3D E-Covers, and Mini Site graphics! You can edit the PSD files in Adobe Photoshop and add your name or URL, or even change the title of the E-Covers - it's your choice!

Private Label Rights Licenses!

Ultimately, being a member of Wealth Print™ entitles you to the exclusive Private Label Rights that comes with each info product business every month!

On top of the flexible rights, you can generate and keep ALL the profits you make from selling to end users... or if you want, you can also make extra bang for the bucks from licensing the Resell Rights or Master Resell Rights to these products!

What a package! You've really put together a revenue generator with this one. I can get up to speed and out to subscribers in record time. Keep it coming!

Ike Johnson

All we can say is,' You've Done It Again!'

This IS the ultimate "How-To" Guide for all levels of internet marketer. We're positive these products will literally fly off our digital shelves!

And the best part of your generous offer is we now even get to resell the Private Label Rights.

Talk about a great time saver! It would have taken us months to create these products - but now you've virtually done it for us.

Thanks again for putting together such a high quality package. We're still overwhelmed by the endless possibilities! :-)

Aaron Leighton and Dave Isaacs,

>>> WOW! Give Me Access To Wealth Print™ Now! <<<


Here's A Sneak Preview At The Starter Package Already Waiting For You In The Members Area:

And What You're Getting Next Month:

  • E-book Publishing Secrets
  • Team Training
  • Alternatives For Synergy
  • Revitalizing Recipes
  • Bank Loan Busters
  • Opening The Tear Ducts

And More In The Pipeline...

  • Your First Online Sale
  • Powerful Persuasion Posture
  • The Social Bible Of Winning Friends
  • Hone Your Habits
  • The Ultimate Encyclopedia Of Financial Intelligence
  • Super Hero Inspiration

+PLUS More Wealth-Printing Products You Can Take Over Every Month!

The content you guys have produced is "Top Shelf"! I have been able to create 3 levels of membership for the self improvement niche. (Which is a LOT of content!) I have also been able to produce 3 books as well to build my list and lead them to the $495 life changing course.



Tracy A. Hanes
Life Coach

With These High Potential Bestsellers, Here Are Just Some Of The Many Money-Making Ideas:

Brand the products as your own - you can put your name or pen name on the videos as the author!

Change the titles and sub titles - put in your website URL, add your company or brand name, or re-title the products completely altogether!

Edit the contents - open the original source file and put in your own comments, remarks, custom content, etc. or take this golden opportunity to cross-sell your other products, put in affiliate links and earn 'phantom' backend income!

Add to your paid membership site - pump in quality material for your members!

Sell the product and keep 100% of the profits!

Change or edit the graphics - the raw PSD files are also given so you can easily edit the E-Cover graphics to put your name and website URL!

Go high ticket! Create and compile your own home study course!

Make your own product bundle and sell at a higher price!

Offer the products in your One-Time Offer, Upsell or Backend - boost your monthly income by closing in additional sales from the same customers without increasing your effort!

Sell the products with Basic Resell Rights - you can make additional income by offering the exclusive Resell Rights license to your customers who are interested in reselling the products. This is a perfect extra income stream for many!

Or sell the products with Master Resell Rights - charge premium price for the Master Resell Rights privilege to the products!

Hey you can also translate the works to other languages! Our clients have translated our products to French, German, Malay, and many more!

Use for personal use only. Even if you have no plans of reselling the product, you can use them for your own.

+PLUS Much, Much More!

You buy something for 'x' number of dollars and you think that what you have is good value, but then you guys offer a load more stuff absolutely free. It's fantastic. It's also very refreshing to find someone like myself, that would give rather than see someone go without, or help someone sooner than walk by. They're brilliant!

Alan Knights

The content you guys have produced is "Top Shelf"! I have been able to create 3 levels of membership for the self improvement niche. (Which is a LOT of content!) I have also been able to produce 3 books as well to build my list and lead them to the $495 life changing course.



Tracy A. Hanes
Life Coach

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Printing Your Own Online Wealth Has Never Been Easier!

You don't have to write another word from scratch. You don't have to spend another minute on boring niche research. And you can keep your wallet from expensive copywriters and graphic designers.

As a marketer you get to focus on what you're best at: marketing and growing your online business!

And do it all with a peace of mind knowing that we've got all the bases in product creation done to the dot for you... Because we have practically blown away every single Product Creation problems!


The Price Of Admission To Wealth Print™?

We don't like to hype things up so we'll cut the chase. Ask anyone who do their own products and they will tell you it takes weeks, if not months. Ask anyone who outsource this frustration and they tell will you it costs thousands of dollars easily.

But Wealth Print™ won't cost anywhere near that.

Not $5,000. Not $1,000. Not $500. But just $37 a month. And you get access instantly.

Every month, we will be sending you 12 brand new Private Label Rights a.k.a turnkey Internet Businesses - complete with everything we've described to you on this page. Each product covers a hot, evergreen marketing topic with abundance of buyer's demand.

If you sell just 2 copies at $20 each, you already recoup your investment. Your third sale onwards is a PROFIT.

This is the best UNFAIR advantage you will ever get.

For the first time, you can own a string of income-generating machines like top marketers around the world without the 'guru' price tag.

This package covers the entire process of how to set up and sell any product. Everything from list building, sales page writing, image creation and step by steps on how to use resale rights.

"I highly recommend this package to anyone in the resale rights business or wanting to get into this very lucrative business market.


Jeremy Gislason,

And you know what? Your monthly investment isn't forever.

We will send you a brand new PLR package every month for the next 12 months and after that, you don't have to pay a single cent further.

In spite of the already measly investment, we have no intention of charging you forever so after the end of the 12th month, you will have more than 144 products... pulling in multiple income streams for you!

That's Not All...

4 + 1 Webinar Replays To My $100K A Year PLR Mentoring Program!

Prior to this offer, I had held two online classes teaching and coaching my students live on how to build an online business that generates at least $100,000 a year using Private Label Content.

I discussed 4 totally unique models on turning idle PLR products in your hard drive into recurring income machines - the same strategies I have used to rake in to the tune of high 6 figures a year!

I covered several real life case studies, like one such scenario when I generated more than $19,000 in just 6 days and 3,000 leads in under 2 weeks using... guess what? PLR products thought to be 'dead' and 'too rehashed'!

When I was conducting the webinars, I had saved the replays from each session. FYI my students have enrolled starting at $497 each to learn all these LIVE from me.

So if you're seeing this... and you decide to lock in your membership today, you will get access to my archive of webinar replays from this closed door program!

But I can't promise that this is going to be around forever so I suggest acting NOW and you can get this invaluable bonus at no extra cost.

This is a real $497 + $297 value!

Okay, Give Me Instant Access To Wealth Print™ And Your Fast Action Bonuses Now!

Our success as Internet Marketers and Private Label Rights providers have spawned a host of cheap imitators, but you get the best only from us. You heard what our clients have to say, and with more than 2,000 unique customers voting us with their credit cards, this is testament that our lazy competitors cannot match our price and quality.

That said, you can rebrand these products and sell as your own with 100% confidence... or it's your money back!

Our Guarantee

Since you've come this far and we reckon you're excited about this as much as we are, we're compelled to give you another over-the-top deal (But You Must Act Right Now!)

For The First 100
64 People You Can Lock Your Membership At Just $37.00/mth $24/mth!

For obvious reasons, we want to keep this membership exclusive. As a matter of fact, we are leaning more towards limiting the number of members having access to just about 300 in total.

But because Wealth Print™ is newly introduced, for the first 100 people you can lock your membership access at special early bird price of just $37.00 a month $24.00 a month! (SAVE 35%)

If you dont see the value you are getting, you are absolutely insane.

Because that works up to just $2.00 per instant business from us; you are getting 12 every month.

Make a single $24 sale and you already cover your investment.

Sell another 100 copies and your profit margin is 1000%!

Remember... you keep every sale you make and you don't have to share with us!


12 x Private Label Rights to your own instant product

Professionally written Sales Letter and Thank You page with each product

Killer Graphics Set for each product - covers and mini site graphics available in JPEG and PSD format

Flexible Private Label Rights license

Fast Action Bonus #1: 4 + 1 webinar replay to Edmund Loh's $100K A Year PLR Mentoring Program

Unannounced Bonus #2: *to be discovered in the members area*

I am also protected by your 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee! I cannot lose.

NOTE: your monthly purchase is for 12 months only. After the 12th month, your recurring subscription will stop and you will be no longer billed.


Edmund Loh and Khai Ng

P.S. Why Choose Wealth Print?

Wealth Print
PLR Niche Club
Niche Revolution
Ebook Niches
Platinum PLR
Private Label Rights Books per Month
Niches Given
Internet Marketing
Sales Letters & Gfx
PLR Training

$100K PLR Mentoring Webinar!


12 mths
(can stop anytime)


Join Wealth Print™ Now Risk-FREE!



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